Drive the devil from your garden.

‘ You can drive the devil from your garden, but you will find him again in the garden of your son.’ – Heinrich Pestslozzi on the mental state of his son.

‘It is a well known and common paradox that parents take up this grudging attitude towards their children (understandable in view of their envy) and at the same time urge him on to greater achievements and (in identification)are proud of his success.’- Alice Miller, The drama of being a child, 1987.

Why shall I not speak my mind? it’s not long for dust in a distant memory of old age, when I think back on a time when I use to be empty.
What profound mystery will unlock keys to a time where my voice was small? What wasted days of non- sensible narcism fuelled by fires and demons of the damned family tree…
Some days I with to run away and hide.
Now I know for sure that I don’t know at all. Not knowing but it feels like emptiness but no one knows for sure…the only thing we do know is that the devils in the garden.


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