Adora Bull Vs Robin Williams

From the irrepressible pink haired society blogger. THIS WON’T LAST!

This Won't Last

I’ve seen some pretty stupid shit on FB from a series of self-important twats who somehow think it’s an inherently bad thing that people are sad about Robin Williams’ untimely passing this week.
Some of these people are my friends, so I’ll take a moment to clarify a few things. 

The majority of these opinions have been just that-opinions; which people are honestly entitled to and are not worth getting worked up about when you could instead focus on the proliferation of your own. 
Whatever your beliefs are regarding the justification of suicide, or your disappointment that people don’t pay attention to mental disorders until a celebrity dies, they’re legit opinions.  
There is no wrong way to react like a situation like this and even if I don’t agree with you, you are entitled to those thoughts. Many of my friends will see this is an attack, but  I am NOT…

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